What does it mean to be set apart by our actions?

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Put proper safeguards in place.

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Reinstitute federal research on gun violence.

There is so much we don’t know about gun violence and the impacts. For 22 years, research by the CDC has been unfunded due to the Dickey Amendment which prohibits any federal money being used for research.

Be open to updating our regulations on weapons.

If we desire to own weapons to protect ourselves and our families from those who wish to do us harm, what is necessary to do that effectively? Semi-automatic rifles are easily available to anyone over 18. There is no waiting period and they are easier to purchase than handguns. The rounds from an AR-15 style rifle travel so fast the victims are likely to die at the scene.

Establish a national registry for gun ownership.

We register our vehicles and pets yet don’t have any sort of national database for the guns in our country. We need to create a national database that lists each gun owners’ purchased weapons and ammunition.

Raise the legal age to purchase a firearm to 21.

Because of their hunting classification, it is easier to purchase an AR-15 style weapon than a handgun. Any person age 18 or older can legally purchase these easily accessible weapons and use it within an hour.


Do you have firearms you are ready to surrender?

Your local police department can assist you in disposing of any unwanted firearms or ammunition.